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UPDATE: The Compaq PCI Hot Plug driver has been in the kernel since version 2.4.16. The code and documentation on this site are no longer needed.

     The Compaq PCI Hot Plug driver for Linux is part of a project to add support for PCI Hot Plug into the Linux kernel. This project includes source for a driver (cpqphp.o) for the Compaq PCI Hot Plug controller found in Compaq ProLiant and other servers. Also, there are GUI and command-line interfaces to PCI Hot Plug. Using this software and a 2.4 Linux kernel, it is possible to add or remove most PCI adapters in a server with the supporting hardware.


     The user interfaces for this project offer a simple way to manage and view detailed information about PCI devices in hot-pluggable servers. They are also able to provide valuable information on non-hotpluggable slots and the adapters in them. 


     As the world's leading server provider, Compaq has taken a leadership role in developing industry-standard technologies. Enabling PCI Hot Plug for Linux is just one example of Compaq's commitment to open standards and supporting industry standard hardware in Linux.